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  1. by   PreNurseKirk
    I am started at ECC in the Fall and was wondering if you can recommend which professors to sign up for. Any suggestions ladies?

    Thanks - Bridget
  2. by   sweetstil
    Well....they sometimes change up the instructors each semester, but I would not pick Galloway or Darensburg. I had Mrs. O'Meara my 1st semester and I liked her. Others had Mrs. Stahl and she was ok. Hope that helps alittle.
  3. by   JaxiaKiley
    There really aren't too many options. Once you get your list of choices, you might ask again.

    And, the 'nitty gritty' advice should probably be kept to PMs since official type people do read this.
  4. by   Yin Yang
    Amen to that Jaxia! Are you going to be at the Northlake or ECC Campus? Do you know when your orientation is?

  5. by   PreNurseKirk
    Orientation is in June. I'll be at El Centro. Do they assign you to classes or do you get to pick?
  6. by   Yin Yang
    You do get to pick, but the order you pick in is done by a lottery system. You get your choices that day and pick at the end of orientation. I have heard good things about O'Meira (spelling?). However, she's not teaching 1st semester currently at ECC. Galloway is a good teacher mainly because you don't have to worry about what to expect. She's very upfront about everything. I wish you lots of luck, and we're here to lend a helping hand...Lord knows we've relied on a helping hand from those who've gone before us!
  7. by   Spill
    HELP!!!!! I'm working on my MCP. I have to list additional RN Dx and rank them in order...

    I know A, B, then C...then what??? I know it's been talked about before on the forum, but I can't find the post! AAACCKK!

    Any input would be much appreciated!
  8. by   Yin Yang
    Remeber that physiological takes precedence over psychosocial in most cases. ABCs and that is what I used to rank them...what are you dxs and maybe we can better give input...Deep breath!

  9. by   Spill
    Thanks Yang---I just needed some feedback! I'll rank them, no need for you to do any extra work
  10. by   Yin Yang
    No problem....hope it helped. Those MCPs are a headache for sure.

  11. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    ABC's of Physiologic DX's, then psychosocial DX's, then teaching DX's is what we were told.

    Good luck to all of you!
  12. by   LKG6
    You can use Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
  13. by   Spill
    no more skills lab for meeeeeeeeeee....weeee!!! Almost done!