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  1. by   LKG6
    Quote from Yin Yang
    I could have stabbed myself in the eye with a pen to escape it!
    So funny.
    I guess our wound care seminar was more interesting. The guy had pictures of his dogs and cats in the middle of the presentation. He wanted us to see something prettier than pics of ugly wounds only. I think it was nice of him.
  2. by   JaxiaKiley
    This lady used pics of her grandkids to warn us about nasty wounds.

    Let's just say that after I saw 6 people sleeping, I stopped counting ...
  3. by   Yin Yang
    This woman's first career was as a high school teacher....Thank God I never had her or I'd have had to skip every day.....monotonous droning on!

  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    Yang, I guess having kids does have it's benefits. I don't have a doll that pees handy
  5. by   Yin Yang
    instead of an NG tube, it'll be an oral tube, but it should be close enough to work...lol...want me to buy you a doll that pees for your birthday?

  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    As tempting as that sounds, I'll pass
  7. by   Spill
    u 2 are funny! It was great to see you both again.

    Yang, I was telling Jaxia, I don't think I told you bye, I was focused on getting to the ladies room!

    Sorry Jaxia for the long detour, you know, the circles through downtown and all! I'm sure you would have gotten home quicker by the bus! It was fun catching up though.

    Ok, trying to get to studying....so, I guess a good step would be stepping away from the computer.
  8. by   Yin Yang
    It's okay Spill - I figured you two rode together but it was great to see you again...you look cute with your little bump. I'm studying too...I'm doing the reading and actually making some headway on it. Happy studying you all!

  9. by   Yin Yang
    well, clinical orientation is over & only 6 more days to go! It was of kind of neat to be in the hospital, but the hospital is really old and not very impressive I didn't think. I got lucky and I'll have 4 days in Surg, and only 2 in Med (I wanted more surg than med), but I'm not completely thrilled about the logistics of the situation. Anyways....hope everyone is having a great day!! Did you take your test today Spill??

  10. by   JaxiaKiley
    Spill, it was fun catching up How was the test?

    Yang, I'm very impressed with your restraint regarding the logistics. That was a very diplomatic way of saying it. Heh.

    As for me, I have 3 days of med, and 3 days of surg. I'm still unsure about how things will go at the start of our shift. I mean, don't most nurse shifts start at 7a? So they'll just be starting, and we'll just be starting too. It doesn't give them time to get settled. Since we only have one patient right now, are we basically in that patient's room all day (other than getting stuff for them)? Is the nurse the one that tells us, "Okay, I need you to bathe this patient today, and change the linens?" I just don't get what our days will look like.
  11. by   Yin Yang
    "not completely thrilled" is an understatement, but I was going for diplomacy....and I didn't even mention the rude, snide comment from a certain other person. I guess part of me thinks it was planned that way on purpose, but frankly I think the offending party will not make it past the next lecture exam....I mean the first offending party, not the second.... ahhh so many that offend, so little time...LOL. You and I are rarely on the same floor, which was probably purposeful too. I'm a mother, but I'm not gonna coddle anybody and hold their hand every day. I'm studying for lecture now, like a good little student...

  12. by   JaxiaKiley
    Yeah, I noticed we were separated and so are Mutt and Jeff, for the most part.

    I'll take my 3/3 and no offending party over your 4/2 and offending party
  13. by   Yin Yang
    BTW, Tiffany tried to talk to her, but was unsuccessful...I think we'll have to go the anonymous route.