Ebooks for textbooks?

  1. I'm debating on getting a kindle or some kind of tablet so that I can get my textbooks in e-book form. Anyone else do this? I have found I can rent some of the required textbooks for my pre-req's in e-book format for much less money. The biggest draw for me is the amount of weight that I won't have to carry around. (My A&P materials are killing my shoulders!)

    Looking for suggestions from those who use a tablet for their textbooks. Which do you have? Do you like it? What other uses have found for it as far as school and studying go? I have a laptop and a desktop at home so I don't need it for papers or anything. Just books, flashcards and studying.
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    How to bind your Nursing books - YouTube might be a good idea.

    This coming January start, I'm hoping to use two ebooks (one for A&P II, the other for Microbiology). It will be my first time, but like you I'm hoping to cut down on the weight.

    I still have my book from A&P I which is the same book we are using for A&P II; I am tempted to do the unbinding and reorganization as Rona (she recently graduated from nursing school) did in her video above.... just in case I end up taking it in to study vs. or in addition to the ebook.

    Thank you.
  4. by   aeris99
    I went ahead and got a kindle for ebooks and reference. No camera means I can use it on floor (hopefully!!) Plus I could have saved $90 roughly on my books plus all the weight. I. Going to look atunbinding my A&p book though. That thing is heavy!!
  5. by   pmabraham

    I hear / read ya on the weight. I got ebooks for A&P and Microbiology that I plan to try using this coming semester (starts this coming Monday, the 13th). So that's two less books to lug around.

    Thank you.
  6. by   merh
    If you need an e-textbook, add textbookspdf_seller on instagram, or email txtbukpdf27@gmail.com. They sell anatomy books and all nursing related books for a cheaper price. Bought mine last semester. 😊
  7. by   pmabraham
    Hi merh:

    The person doesn't appear to have any posts on instagram. How do you find how what books they have for what price?

    Thank you.
  8. by   krisiepoo
    Quote from msmouse99
    No camera means I can use it on floor (hopefully!!)
    I would NOT bring electronics on a floor. You don't wnat to bring them into patient rooms (poop, pee, blood, etc) and you don't want to leave it lying around because things go missing all the time
  9. by   sdl11b
    I think if you are an electronics type of person, you may like ebooks. Me personally, I can't stand them. I rather have a hard copy.
  10. by   soxley
    Ebooks!!! I love them HOWEVER I am not a fan of the kindle platform. I love my kindle for reading novels, etc, but it's just not terribly functional IMO for a textbook. I bought, through the bookstore, an ebook bundle that was through pageburst and have it on my iPad (as well as on my laptop). The platform, although there are improvements to be made, is a million times better than kindle. The search, the copy/paste, etc. fantastic. I'll never have a "real" book again.