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I just found out my grade in Chemistry tonight. I earned a B. It sort of felt like a kick in the stomach. I tried so hard for an A. What bothers me is that I have several friends in nursing... Read More

  1. by   longbow.shelly
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    I just finished taking Chemistry too and was severely disappointed that I did not receive an A. I worked SO hard, but I failed one quiz and it destroyed my average. I barely earned a B in the class (80% exactly!), but my teacher added a curve at the end which brought me up to a B+. After a day or two I realized that I had nothing to complain about, but I know how you feel. I struggled through Chemistry and it also made me worry about the future and how I'd do, but I also think the struggle made me a better student. I hate that Chemistry is considered such a low level course, because most people find it more difficult than the higher level sciences. I guess now we can just be happy that it's over!
    Ha ha! ABSOLUTELY! I'm currently polling all my nursey-buddies to find out which studying strategies are working best for them in school. So far, I am hearing, "Keep your books with you at all times, and pull them out when ever you get a chance!" and "Study every day, not just before the test b/c there is way too much material to remember the day or two before."

    Thanks, Thatsthekey!
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    Well, if your goal is graduating nursing school with honors, take heart :heartbeat I got a C in my prereq chemistry class and I was accepted to nursing school the first time I applied. I graduated May 7 of this year cum laude, with a cumulative GPA of 3.88. It can be done!
    MegRN2B! You are my HERO! You hear that? My HERO! Awesome! This really brightened my day! You're an angel!
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    MegRN2B! You are my HERO! You hear that? My HERO! Awesome! This really brightened my day! You're an angel!

    ^^^^ ahmen!!!

    I was so worried because I just got a C in my chem class as well...13 freaken points away from a B!! But hearing that was such a sigh of relief. What school did you get into?? I want to make sure I'll apply to that!!!
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    I wouldn't compare how you and your brother felt about the same class. My experience is that it is disheartening when I want them to say "it was a bugger" and they say "oh it was a breeze".

    Off topic but:

    I once had my math whiz brother help me with math. Big mistake. He was maybe a whiz at math but he couldn't teach his way out of a box. Also, he just kept saying insensitive stuff like "this is so easy. I don't know what your problem is."

    By the way...I am a math whiz now because I found someone who was able to work out where there were gaps in my education (lived all over the world as a kid). I smoked calculus and gave a big raspberry to my bro.