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    Post the problem and I will show you how to work it.
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    Yeah!! Post the problem to see if someone can help you out. I need a review anyway. My instructor just copied down the problem right out of the book and never explained it. One time, actually several times, she had a student to go the board and work out the problem.
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    thanks again
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    Order: Mix magnesium sulfate 20g in 1000ml of D5W.
    Infuse 4g over 20 min, then reduce to 2g/hr.
    Then after the previous loading dose, start D51/2NS at 125ml/hr also.
    Available: Primary set---1000ml D51/2NS---IV set with 15 gtt/ml

    Secondary set---Magnesium Sulfate (5g/10ml ampules)---100ml D5W---Microdrip IV set---IV pump

    What is the dose of magnesium Sulfate in the IV?
    What is the concentration?
    What is the total volume of the loading dose? What is the flow rate for primary set?
    What is the total volume received from secondary set in the first hour?

    I think the reason I'm having so much trouble is because there's too many problems tied into one. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

    Friend slow down read carefully and think this through. Your stressing yourself out like most students do when instructors say the word MATH. There's barely even any math and calculations involved here. What's the dose of mag in the IV? Most of the problems is just copying the answer out of the word problem.