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hey everyone... my school is requiring us to buy from dove apparel. for those of you who use their uniforms, do they shrink?? i was also unable to try on the unisex pants and i don't know what... Read More

  1. by   chudder
    We had a Dove rep at our orientation and all of us had to try on the uniforms to ensure a good fit and a good image for our school in our various clinical settings. I guess baggy (or tight) scrubs would reflect badly on the school. The rep was helpful and it's cool that they're not made in sweatshops. They take 4-6 weeks to arrive after ordering them, but our Uniscrubs and white lab coats are embroidered so that may make it take longer.
  2. by   dijaqrn
    Our school also used Dove>>>>>>>>
    Don't burn them, they're too expensive AND they will last through several students. Many in our class could only afford one set! Please pass them on, they really do wear well and no one had any stains. Cheap hairspray on ink takes it right off a Dove uniform in the wash!!!!!!!! Good luck in school!
  3. by   morte
    absolutely...pass them on, if you are poor enough, maybe you could charge a small amoun.....a nurse gave me her uniforms, what she had left....and i passed what was still usable onto someone else....good luck