Dosage it just me??

  1. So far my Dosage Calculations (book you self-learn) has been really easy. Does it get hard at some point? What are the trickiest dosage calculations for you? So far I can do everything by solving for x...god bless the x and basic algebra! Of course we are only a month into the class (this is part of my nursing fundementals). I got straight A's in math (through college algebra, and stats). I had to work hard...but loved it. I learned a LOT of basic concepts in pre-req college math because I had wonderful teachers. In high school I did awful because of the opposite.

    So, in your opinion...for those of you who feel pretty confident with your math was the Dosage Calculations part of nursing school for you?

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  3. by   AmyLiz
    So far, I think it's pretty darn easy!

    Our school has a separate "Nursing Math" course that is required. In it you learn stuff like dosage calculations and far it isn't too bad.
  4. by   All_Smiles_RN
    It was all pretty straight forward to me until we got to OB. Then the calculations got kinda tricky.
  5. by   Imafloat
    I didn't have a hard time with it either. There was one type of problem that required 3 or so conversions that I solved my own way and got the right answer.
  6. by   Spatialized
    The only time I realy have to stop and think is when dealing with IV titration and drip rates. Y'know, x mg/kg/min, 15gtt, dropper, 100ml w/fluid, what's your rate and time to drain bag. Things like that. If you just sit and work it through it's not too bad. Thankfully we don't need calculus....