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Hello all, I just finished my first semester of my BSN program, and I survived to tell the tale. Lol. I came out with an A in Fundamentals, an A in Pharmacology, an A in my introductory class, and a... Read More

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    Congrats to everyone finishing up their quarter/semester!

    I finished my first quarter of my BSN program in November. I laughed, I learned, I met great people, and there were definitely tears (anyone else cry when you got home after your first clinical? I felt so lost it was all I could do to hold back the tears while I was driving to avoid an accident).

    It was all worth it. I got a B+ in Fundamentals Theory, A- in Clinical, B in Pathophysiology (cognate), and an A in intro to psychology (cognate). I'm pretty happy with my grades, especially patho considering most of us were expecting C's in that patho class. It was the first upper division (300 level) class I've taken, and I can definitely see a difference.
    Congrats on your grades!

    I didn't cry after my first clinical, though I wanted to. I think the look on my face afterwards expressed enough how I was feeling. The first clinical they paired everyone up. Except in my clinical group there was an uneven number. I was the lucky one to be on my own (the one that is the shy introvert at that - and one of the classmates is a nurses aide, so she's totally comfortable in the roll we were in for first semester clinicals). As soon as I found out I was on my own, I'm pretty sure the blood drained from my face. I spent the whole clinical trying not to cry. I honestly didn't think I would get through the semester and wasn't sure if I was cut out for this. As soon I stepped foot in post conference, some of my classmates were asking what was wrong.