Does your school have any traditions or ceremonies?

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    Does your nursing school have any tradition or ceremonies? For example, a white breakfast, a pinning ceremony, throwing black stockings into a lake, giving away certain items after graduation to younger nursing students, capping ceremonies, recitation of the nightengale pledge, etc. And if you would please give a brief description of the tradition or ceremony?

    My school doesn't really have any and I was wondering if other schools do. I don't know what other traditions or ceremonies would be called so I just listed stuff I have heard/read from other people.

    Thanks for posting.
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  3. by   michar
    We just had our pledge ceremony, but we as a class wrote our own pledge. There is also a pinning ceremony when we finish.

    We have a MASH BASH in the spring every year for awareness/fundraiser/fun type stuff. Right down to gurney races.

    Any others I'm unaware of.
  4. by   Aradien
    The MASH/BASH sounds like fun! Thanks for responding!
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  6. by   luvbug
    Good morning! I'll try to keep this short and sweet. We did a ceremony where we all wore our whites, recited the pledge, lit our candles and were pinned and capped. We also had 2 speakers, one was a nurse from the community, the other was a fellow student that we all had "elected" to speak. she was awesome--moved us all to tears. I thought all of the traditional things were well worth it, made us realize how our hard work throughout school had prepared us for what was to come, and what others before us had accomplished.