Does anyone have any specific advice for SURVIVING checkoff's for those of us who ... - page 2

have difficulty with "coordination" type skills? I don't have any problem with the "book stuff", but for me to learn a "skill" (to nursing standards for checkoff purposes) is very difficult. ... Read More

  1. by   greatshakes
    Hi Bluesky and others.
    I can really understand where you are coming from. I hated being assessed in lab by our lecturers and really ballsed up everything. I had two assessments at Uni giving medications antibiotics after I made a medication error on surgical ward and it completely shattered my confidence. I knew as soon as I was assessed that I'd made a blue and shouldn't have as I had practised over and over again. (The surgical Nursing unit manager made me feel so inadequate on her ward as I was not certain how to refit a blood pressure cuff on a welch and allan automatic vital signs machine. Sure we were taught how to take vital signs and but not how to assemble the cuffs or where to find the damn things. I really think she liked the fact I'd stuffed up with the medication that time too. ) Even though I am finally through as RN it still gives me the heebies. When I did my last prac, that same NUM from surgical ward had her husband in as a patient and my preceptor told me she'd do the obs as she knew the NUM scared me to bits. I told her I had to do it and I walked in though and did his blood pressure in front of her and her daughter. I was scared but determined to face my demons (or rather this demon). Now I feel that I am a bit over it. I hated doing it but would have hated myself more if I hadn't. With my last preceptor, I had no problems being assessed, she was human, helpful and made me feel worthwhile. If lecturers were like that we would all get through without the nerves.