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This is my first question. I have a skin condition and it is very noticeable. I have been asked numerous time if it is contagious. Of course it isn't why in god's name would I run around in a public... Read More

  1. by   NICU_Nurse
    If you'd like to talk about anything, don't hesitate to email me. ;>)
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  2. by   Momto2monsters
    Perhaps a change in diet would help with the skin and the weight issues for you.
    Giving up dairy products (milk and cheese) was the best thing I ever did for my family. My son suffered with eczema very badly. When the dairy products disappeared, so did the eczema!
    Melissa in Alabama
  3. by   MPHkatie
    like I said, I have never eaten all that healthfully, but as for calories, Peppermint patties are actually low in fat (unlike Mars bars etc) and have less calories than a protien bar. Most protien bars actually contain sugar(14 grams in one!!!) and often bad oils as well, I have had to be very careful with them, the better it tastes the less nutritional it seems to be. I think protien bars are excellent meals on the go- but many have the same amount of calories as a snickers bar. while they are more healthful, any calorie, if not used can be turned into fat, so I wouldn't ever use one as a snack. but as I said, I eat terribly, we all did a thing at work writing down what we ate, and I came up looking so bizarre, mostly milk, strawberries, chocolate cake, and beans. and even though I religiously wrote everything down, it always ended up being about 1000 calories only....(this was after I dumped the thiry pounds.) So, I'm no nutritionist, nor do I really care to be one. So since I am well out of school, I'll skip the nutrition lecture!
  4. by   RNIAM
    Thanks for the advice. I have done everything on the planet. Removed dairy,only ate fish for protien etc. if anything my skin got worse not better over the years. I was DX at 2 years old with this so you name I've done it. I have had all the cortizon creams,tar, and even methtrexate (which didn't work) Now I use light therapy and it helps but does not get rid of it. I an at the point in my life now that a cure would be great but it is not necessary for me to live a happy life. I would more appreciate opinions on how folks deal with the staring, or maybe ideas on how to inform people that what their scared of won't hurt them, it is not contagious etc.Or more to the point I would love to hear form folks that have the disease but are leading wonderful lives as career nurses, who overcame...
  5. by   RNIAM
    oh and I was never a dairy person. I rarely if ever do dairy. more of a meat and potaoes and pasta girl.
  6. by   tonicareer
    Hey I don't know your age but I had/have problems with being hot also. Maybe you didn't catch the Oprah show about Menopause/Peromenapause, but these conditions can effect women as early as midtwenties. Symptoms can last as long as 13 years, also these conditions can effect the thyroid and blood sugar. Also can or may be caused by excess weight or can cause excess weight. See a doctor or get some books on the subject. As women get older certain foods (that you could eat when younger) will cause weight gain. I got some books at the library and learned white foods (bread, potatoes, sugar, fruit ect. ) were considered bad foods because of high gylcemic index. I have cut way back on these foods, I now consume a lot of soy and use an herbal remedy (hrt) to help these hot spells. I thought I was just naturally hot natured. I'm not. Many women have this problem and aren't aware of it, even at a young age. Read about it online or library and see a good doctor who understands womens health. I felt results in just 4 weeks!