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I'm just wondering how many people have already decided on which area you want to work in. Why? Do you already have experience there? Have you already done clinical there? As for me, I am planning... Read More

  1. by   not now
    Quote from LeesieBug
    I think it has more to do with the fact that most students I know did not have good experiences in med/surg for various reasons. The main reason being high staffing ratios which lead to stressed out nurses who are too busy pulling their hair out with the insane amount of work they are trying to do to talk with students in a positive way about med/surg nursing. No, most people don't feel too positive when they have 10 patients AND students to deal with.

    My own med/surg clinicals did nothing to steer me toward that as a career.
    Huh, I loved Med/Surg for the fact that I was running around the entire time. When I was sent to other (slower) departments I hated it.

    Maybe it was my hospital but all the nurses were more than willing to help us out and answer questions. They liked where they were. They admitted to the chaos but were grateful for our help.

    I guess what I like the best was the fact that you have to know a little bit of everything on that floor especially with patients who had multiple complications (Type II diabetes, COPD, CHF, DJD, depression...ect). I felt like I was always challenged and while I don't know everything it felt good to know that my instructor had enough faith in me that he thought I could handle it.
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    I have another year to decide...however I will begin in Med-Surg so that I can learn the basics before advancing into a speciality. I'm thinking about being in the OR.