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in your program, and if you do, are you a member? what kind of benefits does your program have for being a member? the sna is a student run organization which functions to promote the profession of... Read More

  1. by   Ruylupez
    We have a SNA at my school and joining is mandatory. A $25 joining fee is collected from each student during first semester as the fee to join. They have never asked for more money from us after that one fee. The SNA puts out a newsletter twice each semester to keep students updated and also arranges some fund raising events. They also arrange some events on campus to promote health for the students such as blood pressure screenings and our recent "Smoke free day" to encourage smokers to quit.

    The school will only organize one graduation for everyone who has completed any program at the school. They will allow us to have a seperate pinning ceremony but will not support it financially so the primary goal of the SNA does is to arrange and pay for a pinning ceremony each semester.