Do you have a graduation AND a pinning? - page 3

I'm not graduating for awhile, but still curious . . . our school has graduation and pinning ceremony. I don't see the need to go to two ceremonies. I was wondering if this is common? I think I'll... Read More

  1. by   StudentNurseAbby
    Yes. We have pinning Friday after noon and graduation is Saturday morning.
  2. by   elizabells
    Ours was a little different, as it was a direct-entry grad program. We had a "white coat" ceremony, not to be confused with the med-school type. Since NPs wear white coats, we were given them to signify the start of our graduate studies after completing the BSN portion of the program. We didn't receive pins - you only get those if you finish the MSN portion, which I have decided not to do. I think we could have gone to the university commencement if we chose, but I don't really remember hearing anything about it. The medical campus of my school is 50 blocks from the main campus anyway, so we weren't really part of the same school, in a way.
  3. by   Reno1978
    My nursing school convocation / pinning is on Friday and my university graduation is on Saturday.
  4. by   BeeSN
    We have both, and so far, I'm planning on going only to the pinning, unless we are forced to go to graduation. Or my parents or the school make me. I know some schools, but I'm not sure about mine, won't give you your diploma unless you attend graduation. It all depends on your Nursing instructors, your school, and your family preferences.