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I'm in first semester ADN, I just got to do my first few IM injections today during clinical, on my fourth injection I accidentally stuck myself after I had stuck the patient. Of course all of my... Read More

  1. by   RNfromMN
    I've only done it once so far. I had just drawn up insulin and accidentally stuck myself when recapping the needle. Obviously, the needle was clean, so I wasn't worried about contracting anything, but my instructor saw me and that was embarrassing enough - I'm sure I would have felt so much worse had the patient and all my classmates seen it, as in your case.
    It happens...that's why they specifically teach you and test you on what to do in the case of a needle stick. Please don't let mistakes like this detour you from sticking out the program
  2. by   MS. ICANDOIT
    Why would anyone be embarrased? We are STUDENTS and that requires learning and mistakes for sure.

    My mentor is a surgical RN and was in surgery with and HIV+ patient and decided to wear two pairs of gloves. When she went to put the instruments in the sink she accidentally cut herself through the gloves. She says it happened because she changed the way she practiced and couldn't feel through the water like she normally could. She stressed to me the importance of using the universal precautions we're taught in school, but also that she's been an RN for 15 years and she still makes mistakes. If we aren't learning we aren't growing.