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Heya Folks, I'm in a dillema and could use some input, esp from the recent grads. I've got 2 really good ADN programs near me. I believe I have a really good chance of getting accepted to either... Read More

  1. by   rosemadder
    Either school is close enough to you that mileage shouldn't be a problem. Many people communte one-two hours one way to go to nursing school. The pass-fail rate isn't that significant. One school in our area has a 100% pass rate but only have around 14 graduating each May. Our school has a 89% pass rate (1st time taken) and graduating classes are usually around 35-38 people. Personally I would meet the instructors, visit the school and just see which one gives you a higher comfort level. The bottom line is that whichever school you attend--passing will be up to you!