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I know this is going to sound like a really stupid question, but I have to ask SOMEONE, and I think you guys would be the perfect place at this point. My first summer class is A and P. The school... Read More

  1. by   Cindee
    Hiya Mickie..
    I am in the same boat, I want to study something but not sure what. Your gonna laugh at me, but I was in walmart yesterday and saw "Cliff Notes" I grabed A & P, biology and an algebra one. They are fantastic. I am sure I can refer back to them while I am in class. And they were only 9.99!!! I am going back tomorrow to see if I missed anything, like chemistry...hurry, go to walmart!!! Laughing all the way!
  2. by   Megsd
    Quote from RN2BLPN4NOW
    I wish you lots of luck. At my school I'm having to take A& P for a second time because it is so old. This school has Anatomy as one class and Physiology as another class. I went through anatomy last semester and now working phys. My kids are ready for Mom to be done with school. But they are also understanding when Mom needs to study. Enjoy!
    Mine's the same way. I'm taking anatomy with the observation lab (you can take either observation or dissection lab, and since this will be my first official nursing-related course I don't think I want to play with cadavers QUITE yet) in the fall semester. The lecture's open to everyone, but the lab specifies it's for certain majors (including pre-nursing). I'm NOT a pre-nursing major since I'm going to nursing school after I get my BA, so I e-mailed the lab professor and he said I should be fine. I'm very excited!

  3. by   eirthjona
    My only suggestion would be buy a current A&P book they all the same we havent changed in over years body wise only tec has. Also you dont have to be to worried about things we dont have to know everything about the body unlike a DR and they use the same books.