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before you started nursing school, or for those of you who are through - before you became a nurse... if you could handle it? I'm a waffling pre-nursing/pre-med student, that's posted here off... Read More

  1. by   babynursewannab
    I started in the same way...med school on the brain, but children in tow. I decided on nursing and returning to school eventually to become a midwife.

    Your concerns are natural. I feel safe saying most of us either considered the "yuck factor" as we were preparing to enter school or we were rudely introduced to it once we started. You get over it. However, everybody seems to always have one little thing that gets 'em. Common ones are mucous, vomit and diarrhea. Don't say as I blame them! :chuckle

    Good luck, and, by the way, wanabebabynurse, nice screen name.
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  2. by   Gampopa
    Seems like a typical fear to be dealing with. When I first started thinking about nuring school I had that concern too. What helpes me is walking around town and just looking at people-very large men and women, homeless, really unclean etc. and reminding myself that I'd be taking care of these people, cleaning them up, putting in caths., and I'd just picture myself doing that. We'll see how effective that's been this fall When I did some hospice volunteering I helped an elderly woman to the bedside comode and when she was done she just lifted herself up and presented her bottom to me to clean. At first I was like "Um, let me get a nurse" but then figured why not? I can certainly do this for her and it wasn't a big deal.
  3. by   Mkue
    I only wished I had gone to nursing school sooner but everything has worked out for the best !
  4. by   Chaya
    You're a MOM- what is there that you HAVEN'T cleaned up yet?
    Seriously- for me the "yuck" factor came with motherhood; the raspberry jam kisses, snot running down the face, poop rubbed in hair, technicolor vomit, wiping someone else's butt- I'm sure you have your own images. Yeah, they're yours, but poop is poop and vomit is vomit.. I was a mom before I was a nurse and after cleaning up after kids, nothing had bothered me since.
    Good luck!
  5. by   LilgirlRN
    You don't have to decide right now ya know. One of the doc's I used to work with started out as an LPN, then RN, then CRNA then got his MD and is an MDA. A wonderful doc to work with because he can relate to being a nurse. Good luck in whichever way you decide to go Wendy