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  1. I got my final clinial eval today and I got all "Needs Development" meaning I've failed clinical. I disagree, because I feel that I was unfairly evaluated by the nursing instructor. She didn't see all of the times I had patients vomiting or soiling themselves, missing CNAs and still managed to give my meds on time. I made two mistakes in clinical: I didn't half my risperidol, because we were told in pharmacology NOT to split pills that are not scored, and I stated that HCTZ was not potassium sparing, and those two mistakes overrode the next 7 days of clinical. She stated that she "will not tolerate laziness". I don't know what to do. I literally worked my butt off this clinical, and now I'm out of the program. I've emailed the clinical coordinator to see if there is any way I can be evaluated by another clinical instructor. I made a few mistakes early on, and it seemed to set her mood against me. What should I do? Help! I can't afford not to graduate from this program.
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  3. by   mamason
    I'm really sorry to hear this has happened to you. Is it possible for you to repeat the clinical at another time? The school I went to gave us the option to repeat a class/clinical on a one time basis for each class.
  4. by   jmgrn65
    you need to talk to the program director personally, is this only one instructor that has had something negative to say about you?
  5. by   moog8746
    I hope that thats an option for me. She was made aware of the situation from the second day of clinical, and I called her after every clinical and gave her updates. I have proof that my paperwork improved, and I'm hoping that she'll take the "Needs Development" into wasnt unsatisfactory!! This is the first semester of my second year and I have never recieved an unsatisfactory....never.
  6. by   mamason
    OK..... i forget what you call mind's a little off today...... do you have a student guide that clarifies the rules at your school? If you's the time to look through it and see what can be done about this. Is it an option to retake the class/clinical with a different instructor as the other poster suggested? Now what I'm going to say next is not meant to upset either. i have heard that some clinical instructors will not give a student a passing grade if a med error occured while the student was passing meds. It's an automatic Fail for clinicals. Depends on you institution and their guidelines. Please take the time to read through your student handbook. if you have one. Or request a copy of the guidelines. Find out what exactly was the reason for failing you. You have the right to know. Ask for specifics. Laziness is not being specific enough. Ask how your performance during clinicals constitutes laziness. This way, if they let you retake the class/clinical you are prepared for what not to do the next time around. Could possibly be a personality clash between you an this instructor. Hope this helps.