Delegation assignment

  1. I am working on a delegation assignment and I am having trouble with this case:

    The nurse aide reports that Mrs. Jones has become comatose and moribund. Although this is not unexpected (Mrs. Jones is a DNR), her family members are not present and you know that they would like to be notified immediately.

    Can I delgate someone else to call the family? If so can it be the unit clerk or does it need to be an LVN or myself (I'm supposed to be the charge nurse)?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   loricatus
    The nurses aide should be reporting that to the nurse caring for the patient; therefore, the proper delegation for the phone call would be to the nurse that was assigned to that patient. Although a simple phone call could be placed by a sect., the family would probably have questions that only the patient's nurse may be able to answer (such as "Do you think that we need to come in right away?" "What is being done for her?" "How stable is she?" etc.). Now, if that nurse [LPN or RN] isn't available to make the call, I would think that you, as charge nurse, would have to assume the responsibility. It would be out of the scope of practice for an aide or sect. to relay information related to the nursing or medical care/condition of the patient.