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Hello All, As a senior nursing student on a med/surg floor we have a great deal more responsibility than we did in first year (no real suprise there). With multiple tasks to do ie meds,... Read More

  1. by   essarge
    I would like to input just a little here. I am a student nurse as well as a nurse extern on a med/surg floor. When I am there as a student nurse, I have been taught (as a student and a nurse extern) that I am part of a whole team. This includes me, my instructor, the nurse who's patient I am assigned to and the Nursing assistant and my fellow students. That being said, I have several times asked questions of the nurse about how she would like to see things charted or done. If she states that she would like to see a.m. care done ASAP and I feel that I can't get it done when they need it, I will enlist the help of the aid assigned to the patient and/or one of my fellow students. I have found that by asking for help or offering my help to them things get done in a timely manner. I have never had a problem with any of the nurses that I work with because I keep them in the loop.

    I agree that ultimately, the nurse will be responsible for anything that is not done because we are never there for the entire shift...leaving anything undone to the nurse assigned.

    I also do not subscribe to the "that's not my patient" attitude. If I can (even while I am working as a nurse extern) I will help others complete their tasks at hand. It would be nice if everyone could/would do that. Life would be soooo much easier for everyone involved including, and most important, the patient!