CSN, DCC required textbooks for NAC2

  1. I am starting NACII this semester and there are 5 books that are on the required list. I am wondering which books are absolutely necessary to purchase and which ones I can pass on? Help please! I'm always spending money on textbooks that I never end up using. The required texts are:

    1. Lewis, S. & Heitkemper, M.M., Dirksen, R.R., O'Brien, P.G. & Bucher, L. (2011). [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Medical-surgical nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems. (8[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]th [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Ed.).Elsevier-Mosby. [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]th
    2. Yoder-Wise, P. (2011) [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Leading and Managing in Nursing. (5 Ed.). Elsevier-Mosby
    3. Baird, M. & Bethel, S. (2011). Manual of critical care nursing: Nursing interventions [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]and collaborative management (6[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]th [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Ed.). Elsevier-Mosby.
    4. Perry, A. & Potter, P. (2006). [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Clinical nursing skills and techniques. (6[FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]th [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]end). Elsevier-Mosby.
    5. Gahart, B.L. & Nazareno, A.R. (2009). [FONT=TimesNewRomanPS]Intravenous medications 2011. (27th Ed.). St. Louis:Elsevier-Mosby
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    I have no idea what CSN, DCC, and NAC2 are, but if it's nursing school (and it clearly is), this is the answer:

    Get 'em all. They will not be one-and-done texts; they will serve you for the rest of your education, into your NCLEX study, and into your first years of practice.

    As a matter of fact, here's one they forgot to put on your list: NANDA-I 2012-2014 (the current edition), free 2-day shipping for students from Amazon. Get it now. It's paperback, not that expensive at all. I can guarantee you will be glad you did.

    And hey-- did somebody tell you college textbooks were cheap? There are worse majors for expense. The difference is that they can often sell theirs at the end of the semester, and you will definitely be using yours for years. Heck, I was still looking things up in my Potter and Perry (and it was a long time ago, like the first or second edition) some years after I graduated. Great book.
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    Not sure what class you are in either. I am gong into medsurge 2 and need all those books as well. I have gotten and used all of the required books in my classes, more than 1 semester!