Critique of Nursing School - page 5

Having seen so many pitiable messages thrown up on this board from desperate students barely surviving nursing school, I wanted to give my two cents worth from a less immediate and frazzled... Read More

  1. by   johsonmichelle
    My school has both a good and bad reputation. I personally feel like I have been treated fairly by my school and their expectations are not unrealistic. Most of the bad reputation comes from students who did make it through the program, my program is known to be very very tough but I will say that graduates from our school are well prepared. I would advise pre nursing student to really research the schools and gather both subjective and objective data. Check their accreditation and pass rates. Also check their n clex pass rates but look at the number of people who passed the exam on the first try. That is very important, a school may have 100 percent pass rate but only had 10 individuals take the exam.