Creativity Needed for Post-Final Invitations!

  1. Hey Yall... well it's that time of the semester!!! Finals are SO CLOSE to being over. A week from today and the semester is over. I'm finishing up my first semester, so we're all VERY glad to have our first break and finally being 25% through with the program =)

    So after finals we're going to have a little girl's margita night. I want to make cute invitations so we can have something to put in our scrapbooks (since we've all got a collection of pictures and memories already!).

    Does anyone know a cute little slogan or quote to put on the invitation? I can't think of anything. Your help is GREATLY appreciated

    Happy studying =)
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  3. by   MLMRN1120
    I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but I saw some really cute graduation notices that were written out like Nursing it would be like Fatigue r/t all-night studying...Intervention: mass quantities of Tequila lol or something like that..Good Luck and have fun!:spin: