CPR class this morning....

  1. So, I had to go out to school today at 8AM for a 4 hour CPR healthcare provider course. Was really interesting as I needed to relearn the new compression ratio, 2-person infant CPR, and how to use a mask. However, it was rather hard to seal the mask and keep the dummy's airway open as the chest kept flopping up and down on the table. Anyone take it since the format changed? (You now do it with the Video instead of after the session.) I was worried about doing it in front of instructor, but the only one we had to do from scratch was adult 1 person CPR. Everything else we were checked off on as we did the course. Someone had brought up the question of CPR shields and I figured I'd post on here. Anyone know any cost-effective places online to purchase a good CPR shield? Something I can keep in the car? Just figured I'd ask. Ok, now I'm taking a nap, because I'm bushed. Those dang dummies work all parts of your arms....
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  3. by   michar
    All AHA programs should be using the video now.

    The mask is hard to get a good seal on, but it is hard on a person as well. The reasons are different though. I've never been asked about a CPR shield when I've taught, perhaps I should add that to my file of information.
  4. by   jov
    Quote from michar
    The mask is hard to get a good seal on, but it is hard on a person as well..
    It's been my experience that it's easier to get a seal pressing on flesh than polycarbonate, or whatever those dummies are made of.

    If you are looking for a CPR shield to use outside of your clinical environment, I would recommend wandering around the EMS sites. They have the best pre-hospital stuff.
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    Thanks, joy. Good to know.