Contacting unit managers?

  1. Hello, had a question for all of you wonderful people I am about to graduate (yay!!!) and I am submitting applications for all available positions I am interested in. One of my instructors recommended that I also directly email/call the managers for units I am interested in, even if they aren't any job postings available. Though this will take me way out of my comfort zone, I think it's a good idea. Only thing is... how on Earth do I get their contact info? I'd like to start with emails... I checked the hospital websites but no luck there :/ any suggestions?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    Call. Go over there and go up to the floor(s) and ask. Call and ask to speak to the staff development nurses and ask them.

    You're right about the comfort zone thing. You're about to graduate-- who said anything about comfort?

  4. by   Purp08
    First I want to say congrats for making through nursing school alive! Like GrnTea suggested you could call the hospital and ask for the specific unit then ask to speak to the unit manager. I have done this a few times and normally they just transfer you over without asking why. However, if the unit clerk/secretary do ask why just have some reason already in mind. I would also ask for email addresses as well and was able to get those without a problem if they knew them.

    Another thing you could do is if you are a member of LinkedIn you could search for specific hospitals and then type in clinical manager, unit manager or manager and then it may list some of the managers and their unit. You could search the hospital website and see if they have the units listed as well and some times you could find unit managers that way too.

    Sorry for the long post. Good luck in your job search!