1. Anyone who runs onto Annmarie online, tell her congratulations on a job well done. She was stressed out about an exam and did really well, like i knew she could. CONGRATULATIONS ANN!!!!!
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    Well I can just simply say congratualtions Annmarie. Was it the Psych test you were talking about?
  4. by   janleb
    yes it was the psych test, and she got a terrific grade on it
  5. by   peaceful2100
    That is really nice I am happy for her. Annmarie Keep up the good work. Remember that there will be difficult times but it will be well worth it in the long run.
  6. by   giftedRN
    Thank you guys,

    I am so happy. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and I am glad to have you to listen and give advice when there is a crises in my life.

    Thanks again!!