Concept Maps ?

  1. Do you have to do them? Just curious if other schools make students do them and how they are done...
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  3. by   WV Hillbilly RN
    We do concept maps........ they seem much easier than care plans. Let me know if you need help with anything.... I could possibly get your address and scan you a finished copy of one of mine. We do 3 nursing dx's and map out goals, interventions, rationales, and evaluations for each dx. Let me know if I can help! Take care, and good luck..........
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  5. by   missionnurse
    We do concept maps too! They do seem shorter than care plans.

    What we do is put the pt in the middle of the page (a cutesy picture always makes our teachers more impressed.) All around the pt you put signs/symptoms, medical diagnoses, vital signs for the day of care, medications, and the pts history.

    Then you come up with your 3 nursing diagnoses. (I use a Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, then I make sure that I change the wording a little to make it personal to my patient.) They get listed on the outside, around the patient. Under your Dx you put your goal, then your interventions. Next comes the outcome or evaluation of what you did!

    Now you draw lines connecting your patient info that is around your pt to the nursing dx. You have to be able to connect each Dx to something in the pt info to prove the need for it.

    Then we also draw diifferent color lines connecting the different Dx to related ones and write along the lines how they connect.


    ---> Use your own words to make it sound like your work.
    ---> Use different colors for the different items.
    ---> Always make a legend of your colors to identify each different item

    Feel free to email me and I'll send you a copy of one of my maps.

    And trust me at some point they begin to make sense and become useful... even though they are a pain in the neck!
  6. by   mrs.ole
    I am so jealous! That sounds so much simpler than our care plans! Between those care plans & case studies...
  7. by   Kathylynn
    Yes we do care maps for clinical rotation, and we also do case studies in class.
  8. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I hated concept mapping and care plans............I thought we were the only school who had to do them but now I see we were not .........good luck with the concept mapping !!!!!!!!!