Concept Map Care Plan forms/Resources?

  1. Does anyone have any cognitive maps and forms that they would be able to share? I have the 2 seminal books by Doenges and Schuster but I am looking for more resources....
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  3. by   Daytonite
    are you looking for software to print the actual maps out with? or, are you looking for more information on how to do a concept map for a care plan?

    i have a link to a previous thread that has several examples of concept maps for care plans

    pamela schuster, i think, is the nursing person who has written the most about nursing concept maps. do you have her book concept mapping: a critical-thinking approach to care planning from f.a. davis. runs about $26.

    here are two other weblinks i have on concept mapping: - concept map creator from lewis' medical-surgical nursing: assessment and management of clinical problems on line student help. - this is a nice explanation about what concept mapping is with an example of what one looks like and how it is put together.