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has anyone found a brand of the compression stockings that they like in particular and are the best quality? i'm planning to order a few pairs off of, but there are so many different... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    I've never bought support hose/compression stockings, but I should have, since I've never had a job where I could sit and now I'm in NS. Should I try a lighter type one first, instead of jumping into a heavy duty kind right away? Also, can you wear socks over them? It's my feet that really hurt after a long day, and I never wear even women's socks since they're so thin.
  2. by   APBT mom
    I don't wear the compression stockings because they either roll down or cut into the back of my knee. I just went and got some of the mens tube socks that go up to the knee and they work just as good. They stay up don't cut into the back of my leg and they can't get any runs in them. One pack of tube socls is about the same price as a pair of compression stockings.