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Anyone else have to commute to their nursing school? I'll be starting a BSN program this summer at a school 60 miles from my house. I can see that getting old REALLY quick, but it's not logical... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    When I did my pre-reqs in Alaska - I commuted 110 miles one way three nights a week! Did that for one year. Was lucky to carpool though!
  2. by   terri0318rn
    Low GPA of 3.0.....who said that is low?:chuckle I struggled my *** off for a long period of 6 yrs (road bocks causing me to extend my career of nursing school) I graduated with a 3.1 and am damn proud. Remember that a nurse with a 4.0 and anurse with a 2.0 are still considered a nurse after passing boards. The 4.0 does not a better nurse make It doesn't come easie to some of us but we are GREAT nurses. Enjoy the ride, and enjoy the sound of lectures with each ride.
    Quote from marilynmom
    I only have a 20 min commute to my school but my friend who has a "low" GPA of 3.0 has to commute over an hour away because it was the only nursing school she could get into with her GPA!

    I really think if the traffic is not bad you will get used to the drive. One time I was working at a job with a 45 min commute and at first it seemed sooooo long, but after about a month it seemed like it only took 15 min's and I kinda enjoyed my quite time (I'm a mom like most of you).

    I think I would take advantage of the time and listen to lecturs on tape/CD or speak your notes into a tape/CD, etc and listen to them while driving.

  3. by   terri0318rn
    OUr average in Michigna north of Detroit is 180 for he cheap stuff.....we need nurses in Michigan too if you would like to join us:chuckle
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    mitchsmom . . . darn, you have me beat. I drove 70 miles one way to school back when I was in school. I rode the bus actually the first year and then drove the second due to clinicals. Boy did that windy mountain road get old.

    Gas here is 2.10 for unleaded . . so your prices sound pretty good to me. Anything under 2.00 sounds good.

    Manna . . . .best wishes as you start school . . .

  4. by   kats
    Use the time to study. I will probably be commuting an hour each way. I plan to get a voice recorder to record lectures if it is allowed. Then I will download them to cd on my computer and listen to them while I drive. If my school prohibits recording lectures, as I have heard some of them do, then I will just read my notes into the recorder at home and do the same thing. I could even add some extra information from the readings too. That way, I figure, I will also be able to spend more time with my family.
  5. by   NurseWeasel
    50 miles each way, 5 days a week. Books on tape are my friend. :roll Luckily I get good grades without needing to listen to the lecture, because our lectures are (quite honestly) worthless... AND I'd get sick and tired of nursing topics if I had to listen at school AND during the commute AND do homework when at home. The first year I had a carpool buddy, which made the ride much more interesting... then she "got married on me" and moved closer to the school so I've been commuting alone this year. Here are my utter favorite book on tape sites, if you're interested.

    and this one I haven't tried yet: