Coming to realize that I'll be a nurse!

  1. Agh! I just feel like I have A&P coming out my ears and seeping out of my pores! MY LVN program takes us through only 1-2 classes at a time, so I have skills on Sat. and A&P T/TH. I have studied it so much that it's all I think about! I lay in bed at night and feel my honey's muscles and tell him which ones they are! I describe everyday things or situations using anatomical position terminology! It's crazy! I know this is a very good sign that I am actually absorbing the material, I guess I am just now really realizing that I am becoming a nurse! Being in school and learning and being around other futures nurses,it really is a rush! I can't wait for the person I am to become in 16 months. Anyone else feeling this anticipatory giddiness? :spin:
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  3. by   athena55
    Hi! While I was reading your post it actually put a smile on my face! Your posting brought back many, many memories of my actually attending my diploma program way back in the day (mid 70s). When I was in nursing school we all did the same thing. If we were studying bones, well I could name every bone in your body. Same thing with the muscle groups. Drove my family and friends crazy! But, unlike YOU the "light" didn't flash over my head until my senior year, then everything started to "click" and I could actually incorporate all that I had learned, up to now, into everyday life. And that, for me, was my "anticipatory giddiness" that you are feeling NOW. GOOD FOR YOU!
    A quick story: I recently came back from weapons qualification out of Fort Dix and one of my fellow Soldiers had a hypertensive crisis. While myself, my Battle Buddy, the other Soldier and our Major were waiting in the ED of a Civilian Hospital we (those of us whose MOS is 66H - RN's) would observe every person entering into the registration area of the ER and, well, kind of diagnosis their aliments (whether they were the "patient" or not). I am sure many of us have done the same thing: at the airport, on the train/subway, on the ferry. You look at their breathing pattern; their nail beds , their gait, which side they are favoring. Unfortunately the majority of people that I observed that day could be considered "overweight" or obese.
    Now if we could only get the hospitals to change the stuff they offer in those snack machines, or offer better healthier choices of food in their cafeteria! Smile.
    Continued success in your studies. Welcome to Nursing!