Comic 5-year old

  1. My 5-year old was doing a skin assessment on me, "Mommy, I see you have dry skin, maybe you should NOT take a bath for a few weeks and come back to see me.":spin:

    My 5-year old doing a vision test on me, "Mommy, close BOTH of your eyes and say your ABC's from Z-A" So I start, "ZYXW....." 5-yr-old, "WRONG, start over!" Man, do we have a mean furute nurse of America in the making?

    Oh, I was role-playing with him doing the eye test, I was like, please stand on this line......he goes, "What if I want to stand on this other line, or what if I want to hop on one foot?":trout: Are peds always that difficult? GHEEZE New patient pluheeze!!! Maybe I will practice with my 1-year old....just sit there and be quite!
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  3. by   2bnursekemmie
    That is funny. A nurse in the making.
  4. by   Achoo!
    LOL That's awesome!
  5. by   muffie
  6. by   shellsgogreen
    Adorable :kiss
  7. by   sacrdhazel
    ha! now you have me afraid to have my twin 2 year olds to turn 5. lolol

    Too cute.. and after my first 2 days of being in my 2nd semester, I needed that chuckle.
  8. by   kukukajoo
    Thank you that was sooo cute!! You know next time he/she is in for a physical it will be VERY interesting!!
  9. by   DAMomma
    Thanks yall!!!

    I think my boy is a critical thinkier in the making. He was looking thru my anatomy book. Why did he ask me this question, "Mommy, if we have White Blood Cells, why is our blood red?" It was like he had that question on his mind and just had to ask. I swear he ask me the darnest things.
  10. by   mrscurtwkids4
    Sounds like you've got a pretty smart cookie on your hands! Very cute!