Columbia U. : Ivy League or community college?

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  3. by   paula77720
    Hi there,

    i just want to reply re your statement about columbia U. vs. community colleges. I don't agree that just because you go to Ivy league school then you expect to get a better nursing education than those that go to community colleges. In fairness, i think all nursing programs statewide are very competitive. In fact, i read an article today that La Guardia community College (NY) had a higher passing rate in NCLEX as compared to Columbia and NYU. That's very interesting right?
  4. by   Tinker
    Well, seeing as I was BASHING Columbia in my post, I would agree with you. Im not sure what point you were trying to make. I used to think that going to a highly ranked school was supposed to give you a better education, but this is not always the case.

    I was simply saying that I would expect better from someone that wants to act fancy with such a title as Ivy League and charge megabucks. I took all my prereqs at a community college and the classes there were by far better than many of the classes I have had at Columbia. There are a few excellent teachers, but..... the bad ones overshadow them over and over.
  5. by   colleen10
    I have a degree from PSU and am currently taking my pre-req's for nursing at a local Community College. I also plan to continue at the Community College and go through their nursing program.

    I have to say in all honestly the big bucks I paid at PSU were a waste. My Community College has nicer buildings, the same and/ or better science labs and much smaller classes. Instead of taking A&P with 300 other people like I would have at PSU, my class at Community had 25. And, most of my teachers actually know my name and are willing and interested to help me with questions or discussions.

    There are a ton of other Nursing Schools in my area and lots of BSN programs at universities and I'm sure that once you get into your actual nursing and clinical classes the size of the class is drastically reduced but especially after having one degree under my belt I can not see spending that much money on another one.

    Then I would be in twice the debt.

    I also want to say that in my Micro class a lot of the students allready have degrees from State schools like Pitt, PSU, IUP and they are also choosing to take classes at Community.
  6. by   Tigger100S
    This sort of pertains to the question I just posted...Tinker, did you delete your original question? It is blank for me?
    How do you like it at Columbia?

    Colleen- The school I am actually at now is PSU. My classes are huge too, but with that come excellent facilities, etc. With all that said, I am currently looking for somewhere else to possibley complete my nursing education. I'm just not the football/party type !
    I know of several schools that have upper-divisonal programs for students who have finshed the first two years of pre-reqs at other schools.....any suggestions?