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  1. Just wondering, I think I finnally found a college I am considering, have you heard of Collin County Community College?It's in McKinney, Texas. Do you know anything about its nursing program? Any Info will be great! Thankx!
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  3. by   subec
    I personally don't know anything about CCCC, but I know several people who are/have attended their program. They have all been happy. Dallas County CC also has a good nursing program. Both Brookhaven and El Centro offer an ADN degree. I have heard that the program at El Centro is the one to choose.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   Debbie5

    I'm attending community college and have a brother-in-law who has attended one of the Collin County Community Colleges - frankly, I was unaware that they had a nursing program. Do you live closer to that school than El Centro or Brookhaven? I have info on these and it's probably similar to CCCC's. I'm guessing Collin County's is also ADN, I would gather all the information they have available on their program and compare it to the info from DCCCD's on the internet.
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  5. by   mommyfirst
    I know this is an old post I am replying to. I was accepted to DCCCD's nursing school, but decided after taking microbiology at El Centro not to attend. I found the nursing school staff there are very rude and treat the students disrespectfully frequently ( as I personally experienced), this was confirmed by most of the current nursing students in my class. They put up with the rudeness and other such things because they are invested in finishing. Its a good curriculum with dedicated students, but the staff made me feel as if I were the scum of the Earth. If I were to go to an ADN program around here it would be Collin County, not only because of the much more human staff, but also the math and A&P classes that are required will transfer for a BSN, while the algebra and A&P classes needed for DCCCD probably won't. I took algebra for DCCCD, and now I am applying to TWU and it was a waste of time and money because I need statistics instead. DCCCD also has 2 A&P classes that will not transfer but are accepted for the ADN.
  6. by   a_clay
    There are 2 kinds of A&P at DCCCD. 1 kind is for students who WANT to later transfer to a university and they WILL transfer to local universities (UTA, TWU, etc) the other kind of A&P is for people who have no intrest in receiving anything higher than an ADN. I am taking prereqs. at Brookhaven now. Also, Collin County DOES have an ADN program but only accept students 1 time per year whereas Brookhaven and El Centro accept students in 2 times per year. El Centro is the main campus in the DCCCD that offers ADN and Brookhaven is just a "satellite" program from El Centro. Brookhaven, right now is trying to get their OWN ADN program (not associtated with El Centro) and should hear by the end of this month whether they will be approved or not. And you are right, some schools when tranfering will want different classes. Just like DCCCD requires Algebra and A&P 1 tp get in Collin County requires Chemistry and no Algebra. Different requirements for different schools.....I'll probably end up finishing at UTA because I don't have to take women's classes (TWU) to defy my womanhood.
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