Coffee, Nursing and the Inevitable Need for a Break

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  2. Many of us enjoy a cup or two or three of coffee. Then you start your shift and oh oh gotta go ... NOW! How do you arrange your breaks? Is it every man for themselves or some sort of schedule? Do you always get your breaks?
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  4. by   tokmom
    Most nurses at my facility get two breaks a day that are roughly 20-30 min long. I take one 30 min break in a 12 hour and it's constantly interrupted with myself talking with ancillary stuff or nurses.
    We have no schedule. People go when they can.
  5. by   FlowerChild2005
    At my facility we are supposed to get 1 15 min break and a 30 min lunch.I wrk 12 and a half hr. shifts and hardly ever get the chance for a break period. But sometimes we can sneak away for 5 min for a restroom break.
  6. by   tokmom
    According to my states department of labor, we are supposed to get THREE ten minute and two thirty, in a 12 hr.
    Uh huh