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  1. by   veroniicaxoxo
    Well I lost a job and was going to school and really needed a job with flexible schedule and could pay those car payments. And got so much more than I expected I work overnight, go to school until 1pm than get to sleep. Pays the car payments. Pays for some of school and Ive got my foot in the door. And added bonus on the overnight if theres downtime the nurses help me study.
  2. by   veroniicaxoxo
    Im also not certified.
  3. by   HillBilly7799
    I would say go for it. I am a CNA and work in a LTC facility, and I can tell you that many of the nurses stay at the nurses station, only go down the hall when necessary to pass out meds, and generally are squeamish around feces and urine. It is an everyday thing for me. There have been many occasions where I have gotten feces on my clothes and I still do this job. I am not saying that you wouldn't be good at the job if you never were a CNA, but it certainly would give you confidence in dealing with patients. Also, I can tell you that you would garner a lot of respect from other CNA under you if you have had experiences in the "trenches." But please please don't work so much that your grades start to slip. If you can, try to utilize a summer to gain experience. Starting from the bottom up is never a bad thing and in the end, I believe it makes you a better person. God bless