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  1. Happy new year to everyone

    I just finished my key courses last fall and hopefully my 3.25 GPA will allow me to advance to clinicals in the spring.

    Heres my dilemma: Will you recommend taking A&P II together with fundamentals of Nrsg, (1 cr) Nursing 101 (6 cr) and math and medical dosage (2cr)? I work fulltime and last semester's 4 key courses drove me nuts. My other option is to take the A&P II in the session 2 or the summer which is only for 6 weeks. Please advise....

    thanks a lot and guys and have a wonderful and bountiful 2002!!
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  3. by   ekm
    There was one student who took APII with fundamentals, she had 5 children, didn't work and her mother lived with her. She did fine in school but I know her kids suffered. I would wait to take it in the summer. I took most of the hardest ones in the summer and did terrific. Fundamentals requires all your attention.
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    I agree if possible I would wait and take it during the summer...
  5. by   KITTYLADY
    yes fundamentals requires much attention... but if your school is anything like mine, the summer classes will be 10 weeks - which of course means alotta a&p ii in 10 weeks!! i've taken all of the prerequisites prior to the fundamentals - i'm taking the "easiest" classes i can w/ fundamentals - which is mostly stuff i am taking towards a 4 or 6 year degree - i have no kids i don't have to work and i am financially very comfortable and happily married --- and my husband helps me w/ homework sometimes ---- i was still pretty stressed ! good luck -