clinical stress

  1. I'm in maternal/baby & med surg this semester. Of course there are a certain number of days we can miss, and its stressing me out already. My daughter got sick right before school started, and OF COURSE I'm feeling it now too. I Can miss ONE mother/baby (and make it up of course). I have my OR rotation on Wednesday-looks like I may not be going.

    sorry for the vent.
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  3. by   Lori RN_09_2b
    I know it's a lot of pressure not to get sick. My daughter had the sniffles last week and I felt like fumigating the whole house! A bunch of students at clinical today were getting sick, so I just held my breath as much as I could. :spin:

    Good luck on keeping well!
  4. by   land64shark
    Last semester in maternal/newborn, one of my classmates got really sick. We also were only allowed to miss one day of ob. (However we don't have to make them up!) Anyway, if you're really sick on Thursday (which she was), you're still going to be sick on Friday (she was). What she did was come to the hospital on Friday, but then she holed up in a corner of one of the lobbies with some case studies that the instructor gave her. This way she was technically present for clinical time, but was not near any patients.
  5. by   Lammmster
    I usually walk around with a N95 all day throughout the winter The staff gets a kick out of it lol