Clinical Compentency!!!!!

  1. long story short.....I PASSED!!!! Wasn't bad, had to write a careplan with dx, goal, and 2 interventions...I got social isolation(and i work as an activity director) so I write these all the time!! Went fine, then had individual conference with instructor regarding strengths/weaknesses for clinical. I don't agree with weakness, as she wrote "Needs more practice on physical assessment to make it easier for clients and to become more efficient." the only day she saw me do one was the day I had the client who wanted to do all things in a chair, then when I got her into bed, instructor left for 45 MINUTES, of course it was long when you disappear! Oh, well. Am just going to get faster the more we do it anyways.
    Strengths was humbling.....
    I got "good contributions to group conferences." (probably because I never shut up!) Is cooperative, promotes cooperation with other students. Serves as mentor to other students. (Wow. Here I thought I was just a friendly smart ass.) Looking back, I see it, and agree. It's heartbreaking to think that I may lose some classmates from study group if they don't do really well on final Tuesday. I'm trying to push all my clinical mates through and say "we WILL be the only clinical group to ALL go to next semester!!!" We CAN do it! (plus the fact that we're smaller helps....5 instead of 10.) Just wanted to get it out there!
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    Hi and congrats, locolorenzo22!