Clinical Areas?

  1. What are the "required" clinical areas? I have a foggy interpretation (psych, l&d, peds, med-surg ???) but wondered 1) what's required and 2) how do you gain experience in an area of interest? Do you get to "test-drive" all areas? Can you request an area? Thanks so much!!
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    We pretty much did about every area...

    Peds, L/D, Med-Surg, Surgery, Orthopedics, Cardiac, Respiratory, Renal/Dialysis, ICU, Psych, LTC
  4. by   tinyhands4Him
    You will probably rotate through all the basic areas...L/D, peds, psych, ICU, med-surg, and we also did a community rotation (home-health, ect.), but you will pretty much get a wide variety of experiences during them....that is what school is for. Then during your preceptorship you will probably get to pick, but this depends on your school's regulations...we could pretty much pick any unit at any hospital in the US (as long as they could get a contract with them) that we wanted. Good luck! Don't worry, they will prepare you.