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My house is the biggest mess it has ever been. I do what I can, but its not much beyond keeping the dishes and laundry under control, and sometimes that doesn't happen. The cooking is always done by... Read More

  1. by   MS. ICANDOIT
    okay keeping in mind that we're all students and broke for the most part....

    I just had a baby in September and have an 11 year old with the social calendar of Paris Hilton so I too found myself overwhelmed with studying, mothering, cooking and cleaning. I called Molly Maid. The first visit was the most expensive and most worth it. They did a top to bottom cleaning baseboards, cobwebs errything! Then they come out every two weeks and clean the bathrooms do all the sweeping, mopping and vacuuming wiping counters making beds etc. You tell them what you want done and they price accordingly. we have a fairly large house and it costs us $90 (plus a tip if you want). My hubby grumbles but LOVES the clean house this gives me a chance to cook a few more home cooked meals a week and be less of a grumpy grump. Cooking ahead works wonders (if you can get that organized, i'm working on it)