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hi!!!! :) i just want to say hi to everyone! i am an italian student, i'm preparing my thesis to get my degree! ... my english is not good but i like to practice it with you! if you want to ask me... Read More

  1. by   Megsd
    Quote from francescafrancy
    las year, the third, i was in spain for 5 months for an european project called erasmus, have you ever heard about it? it's like an interchange.
    it was a beautiful experience!

    where in spain did you study? i've never been, myself, but i've studied a lot about the country, and it all sounds beautiful. i'm a year away from having a degree in spanish, so i can read a bit of your italian. i once had to give a tour of my school to two men from italy. they spoke to me in italian and i responded in spanish, and we understood each other pretty well. i was surprised!

  2. by   Cindee
    I read all this in awwww. My mother and oldest sister were born and rasied in Trieste. My mother became very "Americanized" when she came here, and stopped teaching her American born children italian. I will be taking Italian, and I am going to just start taking to her one day in her wonderful language. Cant wait!!