Choosing between nursing schools

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've been fortunate enough to have been accepted to a couple great nursing schools: University of Arizona and John Hopkins. However, I'm having a big problem deciding between the schools. I live in Arizona and it would be MUCH cheaper (around 50,000 less) than JH and it would be easier to commute. I am not familiar with Baltimore and finding housing would be a hassle. However, JH is faster 13 months compared to 2 years at Arizona but I would be in debt around $80,000. I also might be able to pay off Arizona over the course of two years while I would have no way to do that at JH. I guess what I'm trying to ask is whether or not the debt is worth going to a prestigious school or if I should save my money and stay local. Thanks!

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  3. by   zoe92
    I live in Maryland and am very familiar with Baltimore.
    Honestly, I would do the program in Arizona. Maryland is an expensive place to live (even if you rent) & although JHU is a good school with a great hospital, it is not worth 80k of debt. I have been considering ABSN lately & I know that their tuition really put me off...
    Also, I don't know where you plan on living after graduation but if you plan on returning to AZ, completing the program there might be beneficial for hospital networking purposes & securing a job.
    I hope this helps and good luck with school!
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  4. by   Fireman767
    I would agree, the 2 years near you would be easier and better. JH is a great school, but putting yourself in debt is a bad idea and probably not worth the title. And JH is in a large town, and the area is expensive, you wont save the money. Just go to Arizona, the fact that you may be able to pay it off during the time is even more of a selling point
  5. by   MadeNew
    Would moving to a new city be a hassle for you? Using your money to move your things, and getting settled in possibly being distracted by life in a new city, and picking up major student loans while digging deeper in debt. Nay, I don't like the sound of that. But I do like the sound of you being in a familiar place where you are already settled in your normal routine, and may be able to make adjustments accordingly. A place where you don't have to use an extensive amount of money for a quality nursing education sounds great too. Congratulations on being accepted into both schools, but also remember you have to pass and make it through. It would probably be a good idea to be in the least stressful environment. Choose the place that would create the most positive factors for you completing the program. Best wishes. AZ is gorgeous by the way.
  6. by   rubato
    Wow, tough choice. Part of me says stay where you're comfortable, and enjoy the lower cost and less stressful environment. But, if I were single and young (I am neither) and had been accepted to John Hopkins, I'd be considering it. I think moving to a new environment can be very exciting, and the school is incredible. Having that on your resume would look very good. Also, while it costs more, you'd be done a year early and can add a year's salary to paying off the student loans.

    I wish you luck in your decision making.
  7. by   PurplePRN
    If it were me, I'd stay in Arizona. Nursing school is stressful beyond compare. You will need the sun, fresh air, and the comfort of established relationships.