1. We got our clinical assignments for fourth semester today and I am so happy I got CCU!!! It's not at the large teaching hospital I wanted but I hope its a great experience and I learn alot! Where are the rest of you at this semester??
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    I got my preceptorship tonight too...I am a float for Oncology/ a Magnet teaching hospital!!! I am excited but freaked out a bit too!!! It inclueds gen oncology, gyne, bone marrow, and a couple others that I cannot remember right now!
  5. by   cardiac.cure03
    Haha, this is kind of funny...

    I graduated in November, but for my preceptorship my last qtr, I really really wanted to be in this large teaching hospital. But instead I got a smaller hospital but it was the CCU. Well...during preceptorship, they offered me a job and I loved the place so much that I took it!

    Hope you're experience is as good as what mine was. Good luck to ya!
  6. by   tx2007
    Thats great to hear adidasgirl I hope I have a great experience there. I meet my preceptor today and he was very nice, let's hope it stays that way!! LOL
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    I did CCU as an externship in the summer. AWESOME! I loved it. If you get a good preceptor, you should really learn alot. Make sure you know your drip rates! GOOD LUCK!