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  1. HELP!!! please, my nursing class is having our capping ceremony, need ideas for the ceremony itself, would really appreciate if someone could tell us the histor of the nurses cap and any significant meaning
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  3. by   HazelLPN
    I learned in school that the cap dated back to the days of Florence Nightengale who had her nurses wear caps to keep their hair out of the wounds of their patients since they could not wash their hair everyday. I've never heard of the caps used as a symbol of servitude and obdience like many people claim.

    The black strip across the front of the cap respresents mourning the loss of Florence Nightengale when she passed away in 1910.

    I could be wrong however, I have been out of nursing school a LONG LONG time.
  4. by   Mito
    Our class wanted to take part in this type of thing and thankfully it was voted down. There is nothing in my opinion more foolish than a nurse wearing one of those silly caps just like the teenagers do in drive thru places.

  5. by   BMS4
    I disagree Mito. I worked super hard for my cap and even though we didn't have a capping ceremony, like my mother did. We did have a pinning on and I was proud to wear my cap. Haven't worn it since, but it's beautiful in the glass and wooden box I bought for it.

    Robin, good luck with your ceremony and Congratulations on graduating.
  6. by   Loubell RN 2B

    I received this article about a month ago but it gives the history of the nursing cap. I will have a capping ceremony the second year and then I have to wear it to clinicals the rest of the program. It was pretty interesting anyway..


  7. by   Loubell RN 2B
    Hello again,

    I just checked my link and it is the first article under Nursing Matters.

  8. by   essarge
    The nursing cap is a tradtion, not a necessity. I would absolutely loved to be "capped" by a seasoned nurse. It is a symbol of love, dedication, and "I have taught you, now you go out and care" from someone that has been in the field. I don't feel that it is "silly caps just like the teenagers do in drive thru places". It is something to be proud of.....something that was EARNED!!!!

    BMS4-Our school will give you a cap if you want one but there is not a "capping" ceremony, just a pinning ceremony. I will get a cap and, like you, will proudly display it because I EARNED IT!!!!