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Hi Everyone, Guess I have a case of guilt today. :uhoh21: Every year since I got married (10 yrs), I have cooked all the holiday meals for our family. I really enjoy it. This year, I had to tell... Read More

  1. by   Berta

    Good luck on your interview on Wednesday! Let us know how you make out. What type of nursing are you trying to get into? How is the payscale in your area?

    I don't graduate until May 2005. I can't believe that this year is almost over. I have just a little over 3 weeks of classes left. My last test and final is May 10th. This year really flew by.

    I have been applying online for student nurse positions for 4 local hospitals for a summer job. I haven't heard a single thing yet. Next week, I am going knocking on some doors in search of a job. I want to get some experience. Most of the local hospitals are starting to post jobs for new grads to start in August. I'm hoping that when I graduate that there will be lots to choose from.

    Time for me to head off to clinical for the day.
  2. by   momof38160

    Thanks for the support. I'm just so happy I don't live in the same state as they do. On one hand, their comments really make me want to work harder than anything, but on the other hand, they just pushed a little of my self esteem to the ground. It is hard enough studying and juggiling my family without comments.

    Anyway, enough of the "in-laws"! GOOD LUCK on your interview!!!! What position are you interviewing for? Let us all know how it goes!!