Can you change your major to nursing junior year of college?

  1. So I've been thinking about becoming a nurse practictioner, but I'm in community college right now and I'm transferring next year. By next summer, I'll have 60 units for a psychology associates-transfer degree which will make me a junior when I transfer. I really don't think that I'll be able to change to nursing once I transfer so I've been thinking about graduating early and getting an ABSN. However, my dad (who might help me pay for college) insists that I change my major to nursing although I'm pretty sure it's not possible since a lot of the programs are hard to get into unless you're a freshman or a junior with an AD-N. Would it be possible to change my major this late?
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  3. by   forevergreatful
    you can always change your major, the problem will be do you have the nursing prereqs already. once you get those you take your teas exam then you apply to the programs.
  4. by   Here.I.Stand
    You should ask the school's admin. I wouldn't *think* changing majors would be an issue alone, but you would still have to complete nursing prereqs.

    Consider what each option would cost in time and money: 1) finish the psych degree you won't use, and then do an ABSN program (which are typically expensive). 4 yrs in first BS/BA program, plus 1-2 yrs in the ABSN. OR, 2) change majors, possibly spending 5 yrs on your BS/BA; pass NCLEX and start working upon graduation.
  5. by   WanderingWilder
    I wouldn't waste time and money finishing a degree i don't want. Find the schools you are interested in going to and talk to admission there to find out what classes you need to take to get into a nursing program.