Can someone help a student nurse in need?

  1. For a school project I need some input from nurses who have worked in nursing since the early 1980's. If you would take a couple minutes to answer my questions it would be much appreciated.
    1. How has health care changed since when you began nursing?
    2. What is one positive change? Why?
    3. What is one negative change? Why?
    Please help me out!
    Thank you
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    I'm noticing that you're not getting any responses here. Did you try posting this in the general discussion forum? Probably would work out a little better because just about everybody visiting this forum is a student and can't help with this assignment.
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    Hi annamarie,
    Welcome to the world of nursing! Keep your seatbelt on, you are in for a wild ride.

    I would be happy to respond to your questions. I graduated in 1971 and have been at this now for over thirty years, so I "qualify" to answer your questions.

    1. How has healthcare changed? (since 1971)

    a) expanded and ever-growing options available to the
    consumer - i.e., walk-in clinics, urgent care, out-patient
    surgery centers, etc.
    b) consumers are better informed about not only their own
    health, but the fact that they have "rights" in all of it.
    c) most obvious of all - far more expensive
    d) today we treat the "total" patient (physical, emotional,
    mental, psychological, and spiritual)
    e) ever-expanding specialization
    f) Family-Centered Practises

    2. What is one positive change, and why?

    Overall explosion of techno-scientific information available to us -which impacts our ability to diagnose and treat accurately.

    3. What is one negative change, and why?

    The greatest negative change I have seen is when healthcare entered the "Big Business" arena. Why? Because now it's ALL ABOUT corporate profits, at the expense of compromising the most basic and fundamental bottom line of all of it: safety and quality of care.

    Hope this helps.........probably by now you have the info you were looking for, but I enjoyed participating.

    Good luck in your career annamarie, and welcome aboard!!