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My test about injections is in 36 hours.. And I have a problem with what my teacher told us versus what the manual says. I am European, so I might not know the correct terms for all the parts of... Read More

  1. by   Purkje
    Thank you all!!! I passes.

    We had to calculate the right dose of medicine, mix it and draw it up and then inject in a dummy.

    I am so glad I passes.
  2. by   Matt.
    Well gefeliciteerd Purkje,..

    As you just did your exam I'd like to ask you (and others) another Q. about I.M. injections...

    - Do you or do you not massage the injection spot afterwards, or does it depent on the type of med's you're giving ?

    The textbooks are not really conclusive about this, so what is your experience o the "right" way ?

    Thanks Matt,
    And succes met je verdere opleiding Purkje !
  3. by   Purkje
    We were thought that you may massage the injection area after an IM injection for better resorption, but npbody told us to on the tests;;;